in turbotax , i accidently add LLC info , but I’m sole proprietorship, how can i remove LLC info in Turbotax?

Here’s how to remove LLC info and switch to sole proprietorship in TurboTax:

The exact steps might vary depending on your TurboTax version, but the general process should be similar. Here’s a guideline:

  1. Locate your business information section: Look for a section titled “Business,” “Business Information,” “Self-Employed Work,” or something similar. This section will likely be where you entered your LLC details.

  2. Find the option to edit or remove your business entity type: Look for options like “Business Entity,” “Business Type,” “Entity Type,” or something similar. These options should allow you to change how your business is classified.

  3. Select “Sole Proprietorship” or the appropriate option: Choose “Sole Proprietorship” or an equivalent option that reflects your business structure as a single owner.

  4. Save your changes and continue: After selecting the correct business entity type, save your changes and proceed with the rest of your tax filing process.

Here are some additional tips:

  • Search function: If you’re unsure where to find the business information section, try using TurboTax’s search function. Look for keywords like “business,” “LLC,” or “sole proprietorship.”
  • TurboTax Help Resources: If you’re still struggling to find the option to remove the LLC info, consult TurboTax’s help resources. They might have specific instructions for your TurboTax version. Here are some resources you can explore:

Remember: It’s always best to consult TurboTax’s resources or contact their customer support if you’re unsure about any steps. They can provide the most accurate guidance for your specific situation within the TurboTax software.